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What should be paid attention to when choosing the location of HuaQuan diesel generator set room?


HuaQuan generator room can be arranged on the first floor of the building or the first or second floor underground. It should not be arranged in the underground three floors or below. The flash point of diesel oil should not be less than 55 ℃. The engine room of HuaQuan diesel generator set shall be separated from other parts by partition wall with fire resistance of 2.00h and floor slab of 1.50h according to fire rating. The engine room shall be equipped with oil storage room separately. The oil storage capacity shall not exceed 8 hours demand. Take measures to prevent oil leakage and oil leakage. The oil tank shall have vent pipe (outdoor). The oil storage room shall be separated from diesel generator by firewall. When you need to open the door on the firewall. Self closing fire doors shall be provided. Set fire alarm device. Fire extinguishing facilities include automatic fire extinguishing facilities such as gas, foam and water spray.

The following points should be paid attention to when selecting the location of HuaQuan diesel generator set room:

① Try to be close to the substation. This is convenient for wiring. Shorten the cable length. Reduce power consumption.

② When it is set on the ground floor. Try to have one side close to the outer wall. For ventilation and smoke exhaust.

③ Attention should be paid to the convenience of hoisting, handling and maintenance of diesel generator set. Generally, the access to the parking garage is used as the transportation channel. But if the channel is not suitable for the requirements. Consider to reserve lifting holes.

Configuration of fire protection in Yuchai diesel generator set room:

1. The engine room shall be equipped with oil fire extinguisher, dry powder fire extinguisher and gas fire extinguisher.

2. Fire hydrant, fire hose and fire gun are set outside the machine room.

3. And set up eye-catching no fireworks icon and no fireworks text around the computer room.

4. Dry fire sand is set inside the machine room.

5. There should be isolation facilities from the oil room.

6. Yuchai diesel generator set should be 1 meter away from buildings and other equipment. Keep good ventilation.

7. There are emergency lighting and emergency instructions inside the machine room. If it’s a basement, there’s also a ventilation system and a fire alarm.

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