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When using a generator set, pay attention to these 5 questions!


5 questions to pay attention to when using generator sets in cold weather

  1. Operators should have certain professional skills and safety awareness.
  2. Do a good job of inspection, timely replacement of antifreeze, oil, filter, etc.
  3. After the generator set is started, it shall run for a period of time without load. After all parameters of the generator set reach the standard, it is allowed to enter the normal operation.
  1. With the help of Huaquan intelligent cloud control system, the unit information can be grasped in real time. In case of emergency, the unit should be stopped in an emergency.
  2. Operators should keep a safe distance from live equipment and wear labor protection equipment; And so on.

As a professional manufacturer of intelligent power generation equipment and mobile energy storage equipment, And with the qualification of professional contracting of construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering, Huachuangdong has established a good brand image in the international energy equipment market.

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