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Which faults of Cummins indoor generator set can not start normally


1. The diesel generator cannot start

1) Diesel generator can not start features and causes: fuel system failure, diesel engine driven by the starting motor does not ignite. Or there is no return oil in the oil return pipe, the reasons are: there is air in the fuel system; the fuel pipeline is blocked; the fuel filter is blocked. The oil pump does not supply oil or supply oil intermittently. There is little fuel injection, no oil injection or spray failure.

2) Diesel generator can not start troubleshooting measures: check whether the fuel pipe connection is loose, remove the air in the fuel system. Check to see if the pipeline is smooth; clean the filter or replace the filter element. Check whether there is air leakage in the oil inlet pipe and whether the mesh of the oil inlet pipe joint is blocked. If there is still no oil supply after removal, check the pipeline and oil pump. The fuel injector is removed and connected to the high-pressure oil pump, and the plunger spring is consumed. The spray condition should be observed and cleaned when necessary, and the adjustment range of fuel injection pressure should be adjusted on the fuel injector test bench or the oil coupling parts should be replaced. When starting, the handle should be pushed to the position of no-load and rotating speed of 700-900r / min.

2. Electric starting system failure

Electric starting system reason: circuit wiring error or poor contact. The battery is out of power. There is no contact or poor contact between the starting motor and the commutator.

Troubleshooting measures of electric starting system: check whether the wiring is correct and reliable, and use batteries with sufficient power or increase batteries in parallel. Repair or replace the carbon brush, clean the reversing surface with wood sandpaper, and blow clean or adjust the pressure of the brush spring.

3. The diesel generator is overheated and the ambient temperature is too high

The diesel generator overheats and the ambient temperature is too high: the temperature of engine oil and cooling water is very high, and the exhaust temperature is also greatly increased.

The diesel generator overheats and the ambient temperature is too high. Troubleshooting measures: check the cooler and radiator, remove the scale; check whether the pipe diameter is too small. If the ambient temperature is too high, ventilation should be improved and cooling measures should be strengthened temporarily.

4. Cylinder head assembly failure

1) Failure phenomenon of cylinder head assembly: at this time, not only the power is insufficient, but also there are air leakage, smoke in the intake pipe and abnormal knocking sound. There is air leakage at the joint surface of cylinder head and engine block, and a stream of air flows out from the gasket when changing speed.

2) Causes of cylinder head assembly failure: air leakage of intake and exhaust valves; damage of valve spring. The valve clearance is not correct; the injector hole is leaking or its copper gasket is damaged.

3) Troubleshooting measures for cylinder head assembly: insufficient cylinder pressure caused by piston ring jamming and valve stem seizing. Tighten the big nut or replace the cylinder liner according to the specified torque. If necessary, repair the joint surface. If necessary, the bolt cap of cylinder head is loose or the gasket is damaged. Dismantle and inspect the inlet and exhaust valves and repair them. The fitting surface of valve and valve seat, replacement of damaged spring, re calibration of valve, clearance to the specified value, removal for maintenance, cleaning and replacement of damaged parts.

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