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Why can’t diesel generator be unloaded for a long time


Why the diesel generator can not be unloaded for a long time is mainly considered as follows:

If it is less than 50% of rated power. Diesel generator set oil consumption increases, diesel engine easy to carbon, increase the failure rate, shorten the overhaul cycle.

Generally, the no-load operation time of diesel generator set shall not exceed 5 minutes. Generally, heat the engine for 3 minutes, and then increase the speed to the rated speed, and the load can be carried when the voltage is stable. The generator set should operate at least 30% of the load. In order to ensure the engine to reach the working temperature required for normal operation. Make the fit clearance reach the best, avoid burning engine oil and reduce carbon deposition. Put an end to the early wear of cylinder liner and prolong the service life of engine.

After the diesel generator is started successfully, the no-load voltage is 400V, the frequency is 50Hz, and the three-phase voltage balance has no big deviation. If the voltage deviation from 400V is too large and the frequency is lower than 47Hz or higher than 52hz, the diesel generator should be inspected and maintained before load operation. The coolant in the radiator should be saturated, and the coolant temperature above 60 ℃ can be switched on with load. The running load should be increased from small load to regular operation.

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