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Yuchai engine completed The Euro V certification depth optimization hua Quan Yuchai generator set in Europe


According to the official website of Yucai, on April 25, with the completion of the last NCD (NOX control diagnostic system) &PCD (Particulate matter control diagnostic system) certification project of YCA05175-S500 engine, EU certification body TV announced: YCA05175-S500 engine has been certified by non-road EURO V E-Mark. This marks that yuchai non-road engine has met the requirements of eu emission regulations in the fifth phase, obtained the “pass” to enter the European market, and deeply optimized the layout of Huachuan Yuchai generator units in the European market.

This e-Mark certification adopts witness certification, mainly including performance emission, NCD&PCD certification, etc. The NCD&PCD certification was the first of its kind for Yuchai. Yuchai organized a number of regulatory discussions and prepared for every possible demonstration project. All the certification projects finally met the requirements of the Eu phase 5 emission regulations. This time, I passed the E-Mark certification, which accumulated experience for the following certification work in China.

The completion of Yuchai engine’s European V certification is of great significance for improving the service level of the generator set industry, optimizing the development planning and layout, and promoting the development of the generator set industry towards a cleaner and environmentally friendly direction.

China is full of yuchai OEM, at the same time, or yuchai special service stations, in after we received the news of yuchai engine complete euro V certification inspired, in the next step of work, China will increase investment in science and technology, accelerate the construction of digital factory, continuously introduce advanced technology and equipment, drive generators to develop in the direction of more intelligent, environmental protection and safety.

China all the development and production of yuchai series generator set, power range is wide, can be on-demand matching China patent all speakers, mobile trailer, canopy, automation control cabinet, etc., using China all cloud platform, which can realize multi-platform remote operations, intelligent maintenance reminding, GPS positioning and automatic start-stop function, is the escort our power of life.

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